Sunday, October 31, 2010

NEW Air Wick FreshMatic with essential oils

Alright, I bought this yesterday, even this was not in the shopping list :-) but it smells good~. Actually i was looking for mothballs, then suddenly my eyes were caught by this logo with "Essential Oils" written on it, wow, and it was an automatic fragrances dispenser~! Wow... new product and they're having promotion there, so why not give it a try then?! So i went for Lavender 'cos it would help me sleep better(i did some research over the essential oils before and lavender is the best choice of relaxing + can make u sleep better!!). It's good to have it since my freaking lamp still not working. ( I got this lamp from my birthday present which there's a curvy glass on top - a place where you pour in essential oils - but it's broken somehow).

Anyway, this automatic fragrance dispenser is so easy to use, and you even can control to release the spray at either 9,18 or 36 minutes intervals! See, it could last longer than you ever know~! I wish to have few more and put 'em everywhere in the house. that i could sleep on everywhere anytime i want~ haha

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