Saturday, October 9, 2010

Checkers Restr

Checkers... finally, finally we got the chance to go there.Thx to PY, 'cus we've been hearing all the good comments all the times from PY.... alright! give it a try then.....

With a table reserved(duh...she said not much seats around n better hv it reserved), so we take our own sweet time driving all the way to damansara. wow, this restr which claimed to be very famous (err...hard to believe..err...) was quite hard to locate!!! when we reached there...first impression outside the restr was GLOOMY!!! soo dark there!! summore those lampposts were so far away from the shoplots. OMG! They dnt even hv the signage at all! Hell know this place is called Checkers??

When we enter the restr...ermm.....okay....ermm...... seem cozy....and i thought they're celebrating xmas!!! hahaha.....cus there were lines of leaves with these clipping flashing light decorations.... i thought i saw wreaths at first.... jz they were not in circle. n then there were lot of photos/paintings on the wall~! erm...indeed very small+quiet! +those tables were jz the ordinary plastic tables but smartly makeover n covered with nice bi-color tablecloth thou~!

Alright, heading to the menu...that's the only item with their logo printed on...if im not we went for the Porky Best, one of the famous main courses, n strongly recommended by our PY, (okie i hear you) so, this was at the top of the list! n then two other dishes (forgot the names) : one was a spaghetti (super duber nice!!! with all the spices n the olive oil and the aroma n the taste...thumbs up!!!!) another one is err....kinda steak which im not rili fancy on it, esp the away!!! oh yea, the Porky was awesome!!! the rib was tasty!! juicy and delicious!!!! i'd go for second round for this!! and this only!! but they were all very pricey...*sob sob* ............. while hving our meal, of course our eyes nvr gt tired peeking around, haha.... esp the couple 2 tables away from us... wow, they indeed hv a big stomach (n heavy wallet too), dish by dish serving and nvr stop! gosh......esp the knuckle..... *big*! they rili know how to enjoy their meal~~~~~~ i wish i hv their stomach too!!! (of course their wallet as well)!!!!!!!!!!!

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