Friday, October 22, 2010

田鸡 = FROG ?

Is 田鸡 called "frog" ? I'm sure there is another name for it, else if the name frog appeared inside the food menu, it would definitely scared people off!!

Anyway, those photos showned above were not the one you saw hopping around after rainy day... and also not the poisonous one! of course!

田鸡 < normally is used in chinese cuisine, some people might dislike 'em 'cos of they're under FROG family. :-) or may be they looked so ugly+disgusting? I personally like it very much, especially when they're steamed with Shaoxing wine plus minced ginger covered on top! wow... perfect!

Mum didn't cook it for a long time, so she bought 3 this morning and made 姜葱田鸡 (which was cooked with ginger and spring onion) for our dinner~ it's just soooo good! If you ever taste this dish, you should try it now then. haha... no wonder i gain weight everyday, 'cos of my mother! She's the real culprit! She cooks all the good food to lure me! and that's very hard to resist! Mum's cooking is the best, i only can taste all the good food while i'm at home! That's why very hard to control not to eat them~. hehhe

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