Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sleepless night....

Hey! There were monsters stealing my 'Z', no wonder i couldn't fall asleep!

I wonder why some people able to fall asleep so quickly ... what's exactly on their mind before they fall asleep? Did they really counting sheeps to make them sleep easily or ... what? Did they their own sleeping methods? A formula or?

Most of the time, I find myself hardly to fall asleep (i can't remember when it started) even i relax my mind and think of nothing....but why it happens so regularly? I rarely take afternoon nap and even if i do, i'd definitely wake up in a couple of minutes later. I tried, i tried so hard to sleep but... *sigh* forget it! Even my eyes are dried or tired or feel like having a snooze during the day, i only can close my eyes and rest on the bed instead of Zzzzz-ing.

I remembered there was one time i stayed up 'til the next morning, and that was insane! Those sheeps counting was totally not working on me! It made me more confused 'cos i had to be very focus on the counting, else i might lose my sheep!?! My brain just don't want to rest! So, who the hell started this saying that counting sheep could help people fall asleep? The more you count, the more alert you are!!

So, it's indeed torturing when you want to sleep so badly, but you just couldn't! It's so helpless especially when people around you were sleeping+dreaming+in the middle of their fantasy but you alone is awaked. You were so worried but no one you can turn to... you see... how suffering it is!

Then other causes are....when... :
a) There're people talking outside the room or next to me... i just can't stand the continuous buzzing sound!!

b) Snoring! This is worser, 'cos they will never stop snoring unless they wake up! I knew how suffered it was 'cos i've had been in this kinda situation twice out of my whole life. Gosh.

c) Light on! How could one sleep with all the lights switched on? I can't understand! If it's just a bulb, then never mind...but every single fluorescent tube lights? wow... i guess they're afraid of being kidnapped by aliens?!

d) I'd fill in if i think of any....

I'm not a freak, okay, my ears are just too sensitive over voices and sound, that's all.T_T  Ohh God....please give me a good and quiet sleep every night.................

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