Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lately 1.2.3.

Time surely is passing so fast... now it's the time to update my bloggy...

Saturday - Sunday : outing wf MH

A good buddy of mine pay me a visit n sleepover... wow long time ddnt hang out with her that long! again we picked 'Xpressup' for our dinner, (was not a wise choice...damn), i sure wont go for the third time, i swear! of course every soup were the best when they're served it HOT! but when u leave 'em couple of minutes later....gosh....the bread was soo soggy! How to eat 'em! How to swallow!!!A-hem! thank god i ddnt ordered that soup-in-bread one... pity u MH~ now u gt ya lesson~ haha....but we rili were had alot of gr8t time together! Too bad, not much time left for us...Sunday morning....gosh....hardly woke up+headache! gotta crawled up and had breakfast with ya like a walking zombie. Oooi n nvr thought the fiery meehon was so damn spicyyyyy!!! fuuuhhhhh!!!! i ate them with empty stomach summore!!! my stomach exploded soo many times n not even the Potong ice cream tat v bought could put-off the fire!! After u leave, i managed to cont. my sleep....but the whole day was kinda blurry for me.

Monday : Sorethroat + light fever

A knight finally fell down at the battlefield after two days of "war"...*sigh... went back to mama. Aii...once i reach home... streamyx prob again!! hell!!! i feel like smacking the modem / hit it against the wall! assh*!!! so many weeks aldy yet the prob still unsolved! plus i was headache n sorethroat summore!!! the hatred was burning up to my eyes liao!!! okie, call 100 again, report again... n wait for the technician...


 *sore throat *sore throat *sore throat *sore throat...then mum boiled this chinese herb...i was so shocked when i found out there were 3 lil dead+dried bees inside the pot along with all the herbs! oh i goin to drink this?!! will this rili help? bees wor!!!! OMG!!!! erm............ ermmmm....but it indeed work! it rili did relief the pain when i swallow bit by was jz taste like plum juice ('cos there were plum with the herbs)~! at least these lil bees died for sumthing useful~! haha....bees o bees.....

okie....TM's technician do anything, but checking the phone line inside the house. Conclusion : asking us to change the phone wire, then they went back!! tat's it??? so, we cant do anything but change the wire when dad get back home. WTH! another disappoinment! FED UP! even the phone wire was changed, the line was still lag and the snr number was still between 0dB n 6dB.!!. again ..called .. report .. wait.. *sigh

Sore throat + headache.......


Mum made tat herb drink again (hehe...nice...though this time were 4 dead dried bees)... at least my sore throat getting better. Sleep alot today. rili hv enough rest.... happy birthday to myself. Wait for the technician to cum but they ddnt turn out.


I can shout today, finally! i totally recovered! n technician come n fix the internet line ''finally''! n he said it was 'cos of the telekom port on the pole outside...shit!!! after all this???? If he hardworking enough n check outside at the begining then this prob wont drag n drag 'til this long aldy!! shit!! finally i get the internet back!! i dont hv to waste my $ browsing with my hp jor which kinda pricey! shit!!

p/s: kinda upset after finding out sumthing... but nothng i can do, hope u happy at what u're doin, jz enjoy la~! bless u


  1. Loquat is for cough and lung in Chinese medicine. Sometimes i would take the Ninjiom Pei Pa Koa which is an extract of loquat when got sore throat.

    You can access info online @

  2. oh~ i got a small bottle of tat inside my fridge, hehe but i totally forget it existence...haha.