Sunday, October 24, 2010


Should i? or Should i not?

Yes? or No?

Go for it? or Don't go for it?

If i go, would it be alright?

If Yes, would i regret?

Argghhh..... I struggle so much everytime i 'feel like' a hair cut! May be I jz have this hair-cutting-phobia, literally, hmm. Alrigth, I've been thinking to get a new hairdo, yet i still couldnt make up my decision, why it's soooooo difficult?! hmm. err... I guess many girls out there might also have this kinda nerves right - don't know what hair-style to cut, which hair-style suit you the best, whether a rebonding or hav 'em curled.... 

Okay, i went to a mall just now, i decided to get my hair cut, i was! So i walked to the salon while thinking about the hairstyle i want at the same time... but when the salon was just few metres away, i stopped! What the hell! The salon was right in front of me, but i turned away and went into a snack shop ordered PEANUT BUTTER WAFFLE!!?? What the hell!! After all this????? i can't believe how silly, stupid i was!! Peanut butter waffle??? Guess i was really hungry, that's why my brain can't function well??! and then defeated by this little waffle baby!? arrghhh....... i really hv no idea at all... plz....

Should i go again tomorrow?

Would i turn away again tomorrow?

p/s: i just need to feed myself before i go, of course.

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