Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Oh my god, I just noticed today is 20.10.2010... i think kinda special - cus it's double of 2010! For those who obsessed with numbers, i'm pretty sure they're doin sumthing very special right now?!

A lot of people like to choose a special day or a special date to do something unforgettable or very memorable with their love one or close one. That's why date like 09.09.2009 or 08.08.2008 or 07.07.2007 up 'til 01.01.2001 are pretty popular among youngsters to have their ROM set or wedding to be prepared or celebration of any occasion. Aside from this double numbers, number itself also play a mysterious part in numerology and astrology. Don't get me wong, I'm not a superstitious person but i do believe in some ways those mysterious force that can't be explained by science. It's just like our religion, no matter what religion or belief you have, their origin and purpose is for our good. haha, guess that i'm going too far, if i don't stop here, i'm gonna 'blah' things that unconnected to numbers already. :-)

Okay, numbers... which associate with occult practices... make me recall my friend Letc. She's the one who taught me and told me things about numerology - a set of number (birthdate) to calculate your psyche and destiny...sort of. erm.. there's no harm to give it a try, afterall it's just another reading, you know like palm reading or face reading kinda things. I like to listen to her stories, yea i like when people telling me stories, any stories! She's very talkative and sportive and brave,so you won't feel bored when she's around~ i miss her already. Alright, I hope we'd meet up again some day in the future then..... :-)

There's another incident happened early of the year and my mum was nearly deceived by her so-called 'friend' to buy a sort-of platinum number plate. Gosh! Afterward we found out that was another MLM scam using numerology system to execute fortune telling and then selling the so-called 'LuckyNumber' in bracelets or pendants or in other form! I can't believe there's such a group of people using this reading to perform something bad! Back to the story - luckily my dad stopped my mum from buying it as he found this ridiculous and suspicious.

Then the next day, that aunty came along with her daughter and trying to persuade my mum again. I was there so I listened to what they goin to tell me! I knew this numerology reading from my friend Letc already, i knew my number too, so i was just sitting there and wait for their 'marvelous' stories! They seemed well-prepared and started to introduce the V, gosh i hate crap, so i interrupted and told them i knew my number and i could get pile of informations from the internet if i want to know more about my destiny or my future. But they insisted that their V reading is way more different and claimed that i might get my number wrong, so the daughter took out the 'Formula Triangle Chart' and started to perform 'her magic'! *Speechless* jackass!okay let's see what she going to say....after few sec on the 'Formula Triangle Chart' (i found it rather stupid)...she began... blah blah blah... May be i showed no interest, then her mother started giving us the 'true-story' -


"You know the xxx who living nearby? The husband and wife always quarrel over trivial matters, their relationship seem to be at stake, so I introduce the wife this number. Afterward she bought a plaque from me and hung it over the wall in the kitchen, and now they fight less and seem their relationship getting well day by day... so this is real, the right number will definitely help you and your family as well!" claimed by the aunty...


After hours of chit-chatting, they said no more....went back.... duh!!! whatta relieved! I really dislike this kinda trick! No THXs! 

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