Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gatsby - Kimura Takuya

" I....can give you Gastby... Gastby... Gastby... I...~ " (*coughing)

Okie, if you wanna sing this part better, you gotta make yourself halfway choked!! Else you can't get the high pitched shriek effect... hahaha...

I can't help myself playing this video clip over and over again because it's indeed hilarious! And i wonder why the creative crew behind had this kinda idea?! Just because it's fun or? How the message being brough out just by waving the head...erm... whose head was being the matter most i guess!! Right? Well, who'd watch a fat dumbo waving and spinning and pouting lip?? Right? RIght? Right? That'd be disgusting, haha... gratefully he's the superstar~!

So, whoever wanna try this,

- FIRST make sure you're SUIT UP!! 
- Second, long wavy or curly hair, any length will do
- Put on lip gloss (this is very very important! Remember that!)
- Okay, put on Gastby song, hold your Gastby tight
- Last but not least, start spinning, wriggling and pouting the sexy lip!
(Oh my God...)
If you've done, remember upload it and share!! hahaha, that would be Legen... wait for it... Dary!! hahahahahahha....

Another one...enjoy!

The Original...


  1. I almost fainted watching this clip again >_<

  2. classic! but that's what gives it artistic feeling