Monday, January 24, 2011

Counting down...

Yay~ Chinese New Year is just nine days away~ pretty excited and really can't wait for that! :-) mm... but i haven't started decorating the garden yet... headache may be i'd just hang lotsa lotsa red packet on the tree or everywhere around the garden, erm.. guess that should do it! (Would it be too much if i put on gold tinsel around the tree instead? haha... i like it bright and flashy but other people might think we are still celebrating xmas?!) nah!

I thought of making some papercraft, perhaps stick them on the wall? Sound good, right? But it ain't easy!!!!!!! I browsed through some papercraft sites and even downloaded few models and I really do wish to make few, ...but sorry... those nice one is damn complicated with soooo many folding lines and sooooo many different different parts!!! nah! I surrendered.

hehe...but my bro did one afterward >>
haha...this one was funny... a dead and flatted one... unfortunately this one can't be stick on the wall!! (sorry lil bunny... ya sacrifice would be remembered forever... *salute)

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