Sunday, January 16, 2011

my Larrie Shoe

I like the bottom grey at first but PY said red is nicer, so yeah. i agree

I'm so excited because i'm goin to bring my back my Larrie next week~ yeah, finally!!! Actually i've seen and tried this model couple of times, and when i was about to buy it, they don't have any of my size left or the colour i want was out of stock, damn. I've asked few places nearby yet the answer was same... DANG!

I was about giving up this one and move on to another model (since I couldn't get the one i want, why don't i choose another, right) but then surprisingly my friend called up the HQ and manage to get the pair i want, yay!!! Besides, they would send it over to the outlet that we appointed~! That's so awesome!!! And i'm so so thrilled because i almost giving up on this one! (Sorry...)

(Actually i've spotted another pair, also a ballerina shoe. If i didn't get this one, i'd definitely go for the new one, hohohohohohoho...shhhh.....)

yea, i'm quite crazy about Larrie's ballerina shoe, 'cos they're really comfy and lasting!!!!! Trust me!!

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