Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm a Froyo Lover

I'm a ice-creams lover, fan of popsicles, obsessed with ice blended drinks, and now I fall in luv with froyo! Ooo La La! They're just simply amazing especially in our crazy hot whether!! Yes!and they could make you feel like making a snow angel on just a mere bite! Just you try it!

*flapping flapping up to the sky ~~~

Ever since falling in luv with fro, my fridge started filling up with lotsa lotsa different flavors of fro - but must be Anlene's! *MUST* - just trust me on this, i've tried other brands but none of 'em is nicer than Anlene's yoghurt! Really! What's more, anlene's products are rich in calcium too, so it's time to take care of your bone, buddy!

Tutti Frutti

TF is a dessert store that solely selling froyo, yeah, great news for froyo lover!! So, how could i miss that!!? HoHOho. I finally had one few weeks ago! It was sooooooo good soooooo nice but quite pricey though! So, i rather buy more yoghurts and keep 'em frozen!! hehehe.... almost the same! Right?

Anyway, i definitely would go again 'cos i havn't tried them all! >_<

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