Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bar.B.Q Plaza

Do you remember seeing a huge green dragon dummy when you do your shopping in the mall? Before i get to know this restaurant, that was this BIG fella that caught my attention and drew me in its 'hut'!! Well, this mascot really works, else i wouldnt drag my buddy in on the first time i saw this dragon!!

At first glance, i thought it was serving korean cuisine because of the pan frying method, but later we noticed there's no gimchi listed in the menu but some Thai dishes, so we were quite surprised and immediately placed our order to give it a try. Hey, this restaurant is quite a hot-spot for youngster and families, if you wanna have your meal there, better go earlier 'cos the place is always full with people esp during meal time, no kidding!! Unless you don't mind lining up in front of the restaurant and waiting to be seated...

I had tried there twice, quite an experience though~ despite the fresh and juicy meats, it's quite interesting 'cooking' on the hot plate!! hahaha, alright, I myself not a good cook and i don't cook very often too, 'cos first i don't passionate much about cooking, then second i hate cleaning everything after the meal...yea, but what i really good at is cooking a bowl of instant noodle (who doesn't know that!?)... fast and easy! hohoho >_<

this sauce is lovely, you hv to mix 'em up to get the great taste,
of course i'd take off the garlic...

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