Tuesday, January 25, 2011

KFC vs McDonald's

Do you notice wherever there's KFC, McDonald's would be definitely nearby and vise versa. Erm, the 'battle' between them would never come to an end no matter how long it'd take. So which side you gonna take?

Alright, let's say; if you were dying and probably couldn't survive any longer, may be 2 hours left.. and then you were allowed to choose your one last meal, would you go for
(A) KFC? or

(B) McDonald's?

Anyway, i gotta thank Wai for sharing this wonderful MV...i like the character design esp the lil baby Ronald, he's soooo adorable! I still prefer when he's still a kid rather then the big grown-up Ronald.
The cute baby Ronald
The uncle
He transformed 'cos the bad uncle abandoned him
The evil-ish uncle
Here's the Fight to the Death
Aside from the great character design, the animation was pretty impressive too! So, here we go...

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