Thursday, January 20, 2011

Argh...type type type

damn...wrong again...damn damn...

type type... 'n type one letter after another...

I swore real hard when i started typing this 6-pages of name lists in chinese characters!! SH*!! I wouldn't go insane if it wasn't 6-pages! B-H! Don't you know i need to do the Pinyin for each of the character!?! Don't you know how complicated it is?! Just imagine...6-pages!? Oh my God... i really hate typing this lately!!! Why must be me!!! Damn...i really get heart-attack esp comes to the character that i don't even know!!! WT dut! Wasting all my time, my energy and even made me angry! That's why i didn't feel like updating my blog lately!! ARGHH~~~~~~~~~~~

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