Saturday, January 15, 2011

KFC Krushers

I seldom walk in KFC or other fast food outlets, so the last time i'd my meal there was about 1 or 2 weeks ago. Then i made my discovery of those new ice blended drinks and even KFC Egg Tart!! Oh my god... i felt so weird about 'The-Egg-Tart-was-in-da-house'... will there ever be a CURRY PUFF too? or any other kuih-muih?? I wonder if KFC here has used up their creativity or over 'innovative' to reproduce food and make 'em their own?! That's hilarious!! They had already came up with those nasi-lemak breakfast combo, and then these? I see nothing impressive but an extreme copycat ever! Everytime KFC lauching new thingy in the menu, that would be just another McD's most of the time. I wonder why they keep following other people's steps instead of taking their own? Are they really afraid of fallin' down? Are they just wanna play safe? You see the idea of breakfast combo, the drive-thru, the new ice blended drink, the new sundae...and even the sauce dispenser corner...

p/s: If you ever take a bold leap forward, you won't achieve anything big!

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